The Crystal Doors Team

Find out more about the Crystal Doors team and how each member of staff works together to create our amazing Vinyl Doors

Richard Hagan

Owner & Managing Director

Crystal Doors was founded by Managing Director Richard Hagan in 1994. He started out his career in manufacturing with a degree in Food Manufacture and spent four years in the food industry before moving onto wood processing with Crystal Doors. Richard is a passionate environmentalist; under his leadership Crystal Doors has become a national leader in sustainable manufacturing and he is regularly invited to speak about how he is transforming the business in response to the climate emergency. Richard is also a strong advocate of Industry 4.0 and is a Fellow of the IN4.0 Group and supporting stakeholder of Made Smarter. With a hard-working and talented team behind him, Richard is now devoting more of his time to sharing his knowledge and business philosophy with others.


Digital Transformation Programme Manager

With a passion for advanced manufacturing and a background in robotic engineering, it’s Ben’s job to bring new technologies into our operations. Digital transformation is all about increasing efficiencies and giving us the capabilities to achieve things that were previously impossible.  Developing cutting edge solutions using tech allows us to keep ahead of the game, upskill our staff, and lead the way in becoming more environmentally friendly. The goal of the programme is to transform Crystal Doors into a smart factory – better for our people, processes, and planet.


Production Manager

Deals with technical queries, production capability and new product development. Stuart supports a very capable team, that are able to manufacture orders within 24 hours. As Production Manager and founder employee, he leads by example with a commitment to support each individual member of his team. Stuart has had 13 years of experience as a joiner/fitter in a woodworking workshop prior to joining Crystal Doors, which helps him to understand customer’s production needs, as well as to achieve credible solutions. Away from work he enjoys holidays in the sun, relaxing with his family and supporting Arsenal’s up and downs.


Sales Manager

Stacey is back after having a baby boy Alfie over two years ago. She is well versed with all our products, with long standing customers remembering her for her friendly and happy to help personality. Stacey’s role is to process customers orders while ensuring each customer enjoys a high standard of customer service and a fantastic order turnaround.


Health & Safety Officer

After working with hundreds of machines across many factories, Malcolm brings a vast wealth of experience to the team. With a keen eye for detail and a meticulous touch, he takes care of the whole team by ensuring that everything continues to run safely and smoothly. If you ever have a question about how we keep our processes safely on track, Malcolm is your man.



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