Post-lockdown – No plan survives contact with the enemy: an interview with Richard Hagan

July 18, 2020 | Written by |

For many companies without deep pockets, they’re now finding their business model had no contingency planning, leaving them with the lack of ability to sustain a period of severe disruption. Today we are on the brink of an economic depression, allowing winners and losers to be easily identified over the coming months and years.

Danger and opportunity will be the rapid acceleration of new technologies, new markets and new businesses enjoying exponential growth. Regtech’s approach to marketing in the manufacturing industry has a pivotal role to play, identifying those companies who’s recovery will require the employment of skilled people to fulfil the positions needed to sustain growth, develop new technologies and bring to market products to satisfy customers’ desires for new products and services.

We recently caught up with Richard Hagan, Managing Director at Crystal Doors to discuss the current situation surrounding covid-19 and the lockdown that was put into place by the UK government on 23rd March 2020.