IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards 2020 Winner

“Crystal Doors ensures that employees, suppliers, customers and the local community are all engaged in its ambitious net zero strategy. Strong and committed climate leadership from the managing director cascades through the organisation – driving enhanced efficiency and productivity and investments in new technology. This positive action has achieved impressive results – and great to see from an SME manufacturing organisation.”

Crystal Doors manufactures bespoke vinyl wrapped doors and accessories for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom retailers. Leadership from the MD has meant the company has had yearly carbon footprint assessments and made significant energy savings each year since 2015.

A 980kw biomass burner was installed, which in 2019 produced 980,000kw for the factory, process control and office. Each year, more ambitious projects have been undertaken in areas such as solar panel installation and lighting. This has enabled Crystal Doors to achieve an A+ rating Efficiency Performance Certificate.

In 2019, Crystal Doors asked its suppliers when they will be carbon neutral and what actions they are taking to achieve this. In April 2020, it even approached its customers to ask how they are reducing carbon emissions. The company has stopped painting doors to reduce solvents and uses a vinyl made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Recruiting employees who live within three miles is now also company policy. Personal carbon footprint assessments have been carried out by all employees, and directors lead by example, both becoming vegetarian since last October, and foregoing any personal or business aeroplane travel.

Having invested 50% of its yearly turnover at £1.5m over the past five years, the innovation and commitment shown by Crystal Doors has achieved admirable reductions in carbon emissions.


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