New Wemhoner 3000 series deep chamber makes worlds first

Crystal Doors was proud to see the Wemhoner 3000 series arrive in May 2014 after the first main block had an accident and was written off on delivery 1 mile from site at the end of March 2014.  The press is a world first having a deep chamber connected to their top of the range volume press.  The 3000 series Wemhoner is used by all of the top 5 vinyl door volume producers in the UK, with their 1000 series as the hobby size press.  By having the 300mm deep chamber which has never been manufactured connected to a 10 bar compressor, all elements of the press were upgraded.  The critical items for our customers has been the heating system which is usually just the top plate.  Crystal Doors has the top plate heating, an edge plate heater, base plate heater and air heat exchanger totaling 105kw and not the standard 55kw.  This has made our vinyl wrapped doors achieve 65 degrees centigrade on the edge of all doors produced.  Eliminating delaminating issues seen by presses not reaching the reacting temperature on the edge of a vinyl door. This happens when times are adjusted without a profiler to achieve a good finish on a gloss foil, or the doors just can not be pressed with enough heat. We now daily check the temperature profile of the doors being pressed, and volume batches have a copy of the profile to prove the press conditions.  If you would like to visit Crystal Doors and see the temperature profiler in action please contact your sales account manager. Quality of product with proof it is guaranteed.

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