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Crystal Doors recently sent, three doors to be tested costing 880 Euros for independent heat testing for delamination at the world regarded Henkel test facility in Germany. Random doors were chosen by our independent consultant from our thousands of doors in the factory in November 2018. The door we wanted testing is our new OSB board wrapped in concrete, a fantastic opportunity for low carbon impact kitchens, and now have evidence we can press for large scale production. Two other doors were taken to make sure that during the cold months, Crystal Doors standards do not slip.

Many vinyl companies, send doors having been pressed twice, or heat conditioned to ensure the best results. Only randomly selected items to test represents what is manufactured. Crystal Doors challenged Wemhoner to manufacture a press dedicated to pressing 5 mm material sending standards well above the standard Wemhoner 3000 series press. The machine was delivered in 2014 taking our quality higher. Five years later, our research and development into settings has made Crystal Doors and renown plastic wrapping company on the world stage.

Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom customers can forget about our doors delaminating. Crystal Doors is the ONLY Smart manufacturer of vinyl doors. Sales now ensure enough wood waste to support the 980 kw biomass burner keeping the 35,000 ft of factory to stay at 21 degrees or above.

January 2019, the Robot spraying is programmed with twin pass 3 minute delay gluing advocated by Henkel as best practice for glue applying. The pre-heat room then condition the doors warmer, and dry the glue before being pressed with 115kw running Wemhoner press delivering outstanding results.

This report shows all doors pass FIRA test for 65 degrees and passes at 90 degrees.

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