Insider Magazine : Sustainable leaders round table, Leading the Green Revolution

Insider brought together a group of business leaders to discuss their sustainability journey, how they are innovating and their strategies for responsible leadership.

My sustainability journey began when I wanted to install a biomass burner next to Rochdale canal. Natural England turned down the planning permission because they said it would pollute the atmosphere. They closed my factory down in 2015 with 28 days’ notice so I had to learn rapidly about sustainability.

The Growth Company did an energy efficiency review of the company and I did 23 out of 26 of the recommendations. It took four years to get planning permission.

In 2021, we won a King’s Award for Sustainable Development. When you’re exporting, people around the world recognise the King’s Award. We’ve also become a B-Corp. The movement is very open and transparent, and everyone has to meet certain standards and regulations covering environmental, social and governance aspects.

Recently I’ve been appointed to the board of Greater Manchester Institute of Technology. My role is to provide the sustainability expertise I have gained over the years

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