We pride ourselves on our role as a good employer, community stakeholder and custodian of the natural environment in Rochdale.

Our local environment

Our factory is located right on the historic Rochdale Canal, which was built at the end of the 18th century. The Rochdale Canal is one of just three canals which cross the Pennines and is popular with leisure boaters. Our cutting-edge dust extractor and other technologies in the factory ensure we minimise air pollution to the canal and surrounding area.

We are also passionate about increasing the number of trees in Rochdale. In 2019 we became a corporate member of the City of Trees 100 Trees Club.

Our charity work

We donate at least 5% of profits per year to support local and national charities, community groups and initiatives in and around Rochdale that share our values. Recent and current benefactors include:

Our employees

Our employees are the heart of our business. We are proud to say that every single one of our team is a local resident living on average within 3 miles of our factory.

We have a Wellbeing Fund that is open to all staff who have been employed at Crystal Doors for longer than 12 months. Employees are eligible for a one-off payment of up to £150 every year to put towards their personal development and wellbeing, such as attending courses, hobbies or leisure activities, or gym and club memberships.

Our business community

Our MD Richard Hagan plays a leading role in the local business community as a member of Rochdale Ambassadors.

Richard also works closely with other local organisations to champion sustainability and Industry 4.0, including: