We’ve already made huge progress towards our net zero goal.

To date, we’ve invested £1.5 million in assets, training and other improvements and have made year-on-year progress since our first carbon footprint assessment in 2015.

In 2020, we will produce 3 times more energy on-site than we will import from the grid. Our electricity consumption is now 75% lower than it would have been had we made no improvements over the last 6 years.

All of our employees live within 3 miles of our factory, so everyone has the option to walk or cycle to work.

Aerial view of Crystal Doors’ 980kW biomass burner and 245kW solar system

Our carbon footprint


Direct and energy (Scope 1+2)

Indirect (Scope 3)


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Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2021

Winner, Sustainable Development


The Manufacturer MX Awards 2021 (TBA)

Finalist, Sustainable Manufacturing

Make UK Awards 2021

Regional Winner, Energy and Sustainability

BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2021

Winner, Manufacturer of the Year

edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2021

Winner, Small Business of the Year

IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards 2020


Winner, Energy & Carbon Transition of the Year

North West Energy Efficiency Awards 2020

Winner (with Perfect Sense Energy), Regional Small Scale Project of the Year

Insider Made in the North West Awards 2020

Winner, Sustainable/Ethical Manufacturer of the Year

Timeline of achievements


  • Achieved zero waste to landfill status, with recycling rate of over 99% based on weight.
  • Vans fitted with trackers to monitor fuel-efficient driving.


  • First annual carbon footprint assessment.


  • 980kW biomass burner installed, providing 100% of heating from factory wood waste.
  • 100% cardboard and plastic recycling achieved.
  • Installed power factor correction and harmonics unit, saving ~£4,000 a year in reduced electricity consumption.


  • Installed state-of-the-art, UK-first Ecogate smart dust extraction system, saving ~£12,600 a year in reduced electricity consumption.
  • Began replacing factory lighting with energy efficient LEDs.
Crystal Doors' energy saving dust extractor, installed 2017
Old dust extractor ducting donated to Q Gardens, Rochdale


  • Purchase Nissan LEAF electric car and installed on-site charging.
  • Achieved substantial criteria for ISO 14001 Environmental Management.


  • Installed first phase of solar PV rooftop array with 105kW generating capacity, saving ~£7,000 a year in electricity costs.
  • Installed energy efficient inverter compressor, saving ~£2,000 a year in reduced electricity consumption.
  • Upgraded vane vacuum pumps to more efficient claw pumps, saving ~£1,000 a year in reduced electricity consumption.
  • All employees trained in carbon literacy.
  • Joined City of Trees’ 100 Trees Club.
  • Banned flying on business.
  • MD Richard Hagan becomes organiser of Rochdale Circular Economy Club and is described as “one of the UK’s greenest entrepreneurs”.
  • Finalist in the Sustainable Manufacturing category at The Manufacturer 2019 MX Awards.
  • Recognised by Green Party MEP Gina Dowding as a best practice example of industry for a “Green New Deal in the North West”.


  • Declared climate emergency, committing to carbon neutrality by 2022.
  • Installed second phase of rooftop solar PV, filling remaining roof space and achieving a total capacity of 246kW, achieving a total saving of ~£22,400 a year in electricity costs.
  • Achieved 100% LED lighting with intelligent sensors throughout building, saving ~£5,000 a year in reduced electricity consumption.
  • Achieved Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of A+, becoming one of just ~500 commercial buildings to be certified ‘carbon positive’.
  • Became a signatory of Pledge To Net Zero, the UK’s formal net zero initiative for the environmental sector.
  • Winner of Carbon & Energy Transformation at the IEMA Sustainability Impacts Awards and Ethical/Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year at Insider’s Made in the North West Awards.
Richard Hagan with Crystal Doors' 100% electric Nissan LEAF, 2018
First phase of solar panel installation, 2019
100% LED lighting, 2020


Completed solar panel installation, 2020

Wider recognition

“The fact that Crystal Doors has been awarded a Queen’s Award for Sustainability on its first attempt will make it the obvious choice for businesses and individuals wanting to make an environmentally conscious purchase.”

Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine 2021

“In our opinion Crystal Doors have been one of the most innovative and proactive companies in the UK in working towards reducing the environmental impact of both their internal operations and the materials they produce and sell to the wider economy.

They were the first company in the UK to successfully trial and use Bonlex foil made from recycled consumer waste PET and were a driving force in its development. This use of this product is a massive strive to becoming a circular economy and boosts their green credentials even further.

It is a privilege to continue to work with Crystal Doors to reduce the carbon footprint associated with products made for our industry.”

Chris Green
UK Sales Manager, Plasfilms (Bonlex)

“Working with Crystal Doors towards their carbon neutral goal has been one of our biggest success stories. They’re without doubt one of the most ambitious companies I’ve come across, and we regularly point to them an example of best practice.”

Rebecca Chedd
Environmental Business Advisor, GC Business Growth Hub

“What Crystal Doors have achieved has inspired us to follow in their footsteps. We’re planning to install solar PV, purchase electric vehicles, train our staff in carbon reduction and become a B Corp as a result of their achievements.”

Mark Reed 
Managing Director, Stellafoam

“Protecting the environment and becoming carbon neutral runs through the DNA of Crystal Doors. Richard has completely reconfigured his factory to use renewable energy and eliminate waste. However his big achievement is his passion for spreading  the word about sustainability to others. I host events and Richard has spoken at countless ones about his journey towards sustainability.”

Chris Maguire
Executive Editor, BusinessCloud

“Over the years Crystal Doors have been on an amazing journey to ensure they are carbon neutral by 2022. Richard’s passion for all things green is outstanding and he is continually looking for new and innovative ways to support this agenda.

In addition to this, he is a key supporter of the Rochdale Ambassadors, a group of like-minded business people keen to promote and grow Rochdale as the place to do business. He continues to support local charitable projects, encouraging his staff to also get involved.”

Carol Hopkins
Business Development Manager, Rochdale Development Agency