We want to bring all of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders with us on our journey to net zero.

Managing Director, Richard Hagan

“I strongly believe small steps go a long way. Crystal Doors is just one company, but collectively we could make a huge difference if our end-to-end supply chain comes with us on our journey. We welcome all individuals and organisations to see what you can do to help. Our experience shows that you don’t need a big pot of money to do it, and in return for taking action you can become more efficient, more resilient, more innovative, and a better company to work for. So what are you waiting for?”

Learn from us

Having taken Crystal Doors from the brink of closure to nationally-recognised leader in sustainability in just a few years, our MD Richard Hagan now spends a significant amount of his time sharing his experience and knowledge with other small businesses.

Get support

We’re actively working with a range of organisations to promote and support businesses to take action, including:

Crystal Doors' intelligent LED lighting, pays back in 2-3 years and provides bright environment for employees

Take action

We’re currently developing a set of resources to help other organisations and individuals set their own carbon neutral targets.

You can start your journey by measuring your own carbon footprint (try this free calculator from one our fantastic suppliers, Henkel) and adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals into your business.

If you are an SME, we recommend joining the SME Climate Hub for useful tools and resources. 

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