Our future viability as a business, and as a society, depends on three pillars: people, profit and planet.

Managing Director, Richard Hagan

“Ultimately this isn’t just about making a profit. It isn’t a marketing campaign. We need to be in business for the next generation, and the next generation after that, so that they can be better off. This is a climate and environmental emergency and the time to act is now; we’re living proof that it can be done.”

Things need to change

Our current economic model is not sustainable. The amount of resources we consume has quadrupled in the last 50 years to over 100 billion tonnes annually, but less than 9% is being reused. Climate change and biodiversity loss threaten our future and the future of following generations.

These issues are soaring up the corporate agenda. Companies are facing pressure to act from the public, from their employees, from their customers, from their supply chains and from environmental legislation. Over the next decade more responsibility will be put on businesses to change than ever before.

We’re setting out to prove that even the smallest company can make an incredible contribution to environmental issues.

Our Purpose

Our purpose as a business is based on three pillars: people, planet and profit. We believe our future viability as a business depends not only on our financial performance but also on:

  • our role in the local community, supply chain and wider society as a responsible organisation, and;
  • our role in mitigating, and building resilience to, the climate and environmental emergency.

Our commitments to deliver on the above include:

As an employer

Crystal Doors’ Wellbeing Fund offers staff who have been employed at Crystal Doors for longer than 12 months an annual one-off payment of up to £150 to put towards their own personal development and wellbeing.

As a community stakeholder

Every Crystal Doors employee, including our senior management team, is a Rochdale resident living within 3 miles of our factory. We set aside 2% of our annual turnover to support charitable activities, most of them local to Rochdale.

As a custodian of the environment

We are strongly committed to protecting the environment and continually improving our environmental performance, informed specifically by our industry-leading plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2022. We are investing 10% of our turnover over a 5-year period to achieve this goal and taking a leading role in the business community to encourage wider action.

As a customer and supplier

We value a close working relationship with our key customers and suppliers. Informed by our 2022 carbon neutral plan, from 2021 we will begin an active engagement programme to encourage and support our end-to-end supply chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions reductions and improve environmental resilience.

Sustainable Development Goals

From 2020, we’re aligning ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – 17 key agendas to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. The SDGs are an internationally-recognised blueprint to a better and more sustainable world, and the business community has a huge role to play in achieving them.

We want to see progress on all 17 goals and proudly display them on our factory floor for all to see. In terms of our own strategy, we’ve chosen to focus our efforts on three goals where we feel we can have the most impact.