Environmental Update – 2020

2019 has seen Crystal Doors Environmental efforts recognised by becoming a finalist at The Manufacture MX Awards in the category of “Sustainable manufacturing”.  Among many well-known global manufacturers, Crystal Doors efforts are now nationally acclaimed and seen as best practice.

The Green Party published a document late 2019 illustrating Crystal Doors as best practice, with Richard Hagan MD presenting at the launch of their Green Deal event in the Northwest.  Climate Emergency action for Crystal Doors has included over £1.5m investment over the past 5 years, with incredibly zero cost to cash flow.  To date we have accomplished a 75% reduction in electricity consumption, 100% recycling of Wood, plastic and cardboard with zero land fill of waste.  100% LED installed throughout the factory and offices, with many new purchases of high efficiency motors. 105Kw of Solar panels were installed in March which produced 80,000kw of electricity.  This year a further 140kw will be installed in March along with Smart power control from Battery storage.  Crystal Doors secured a 200kw feed into the National Grid matching our infeed supply.  From biomass energy, 980,000kw were produced and is our only source of heat throughout the factory and office.  This year Crystal Doors factory Energy Performance Certificate will be re-assessed and become A+ or carbon positive.

Supply chain assessment have been undertaken assessing for carbon reduction or Environmentally friendly alternatives.  All employees are now trained in Carbon literacy and Carbon footprint assessments both personally and for the whole company as an annual event. All employees reside  within a 4-mile radius with 50% able to walk to work. Both Directors have changed their diets to vegetarian aiming towards vegan.  The board of Directors vision to be carbon neutral by 2022 is on target with all electricity imported to be 100% renewable from 2021. The 100% company Electric car achieved all off-site business meetings from the South coast to Edinburgh. This year Richard will endeavor to be under 4tons of carbon emissions.  2% of turnover has been set aside to support charities, both local and National.  Which sees us supporting City of TreesWoodland Trust, Q Gardens and Groundwork who all provide carbon reduction.  Locally, we support Sanctuary Trust (Real Rochdale) supporting homeless, Jolly Josh  and an U13 girls football club.

This year, we encourage all our customers and stakeholders to join us on our journey in reducing environmental impacts.  Richard has carried out over 20 presentations to companies about technology with IN4.0 Group and sustainable manufacturing.  This year Richard has been a board member for Rochdale Ambassadors, Fellow of IN4.0, Greater Manchester Chamber member, Rochdale Circular Economy organiser, Growth Company Stakeholder, and an apprentice Student at Uclan in Preston. Later this year I will be readily available to support you on your journey should you choose to make a positive impact.  Everything has a price, our money in payment is only one part. Who has paid your cost to the environment?

Crystal Doors welcomes all individuals, companies and organisations to see what you can do to improve your own environment –  find out your carbon footprint https://footprintcalculator.henkel.com/en (Supplier of glue to Crystal Doors, Henkel).

Environmental Statement Update – June 2019

Crystal Doors follows PAS 2060 which is four years of carbon reduction for tier 1,2,3 with independent auditing followed by carbon offsetting.  We have now made 75% savings in energy use with solar panels, biomass burner for 100% heat source and numerous energy saving capital expenditures.  This includes LED lights, Industry 4.0 dust extractor and inverter motor drives. Employees are carbon literate, and a culture of waste elimination at design, and the seven waste streams has been adopted.  No waste goes to landfill and the main wastes are recycled. Crystal Doors MD, Richard Hagan is the Rochdale Circular Economy Club Organizer and has made several connections to other companies to send and receive material for circular economy use.  As part of the corporate social responsibility, Crystal Doors sponsor local activities such a support for a local girls football club, local community garden and planting trees within Rochdale with City of Trees.  Richard has given numerous presentations and talks about Crystal Doors carbon reduction story, and is a Fellow for the IN4.0 Group who support manufacturing companies with Industry 4.0 including carbon reduction.  Crystal Doors efforts will make the factory carbon positive by the end of this year.  Having invested more than £1m towards environmental and carbon reductions, customers are able to source products with the knowledge that Crystal Doors is not for profit, but for the environment. This year will see Crystal Doors commitment to the UN 17 goal sustainable development plan. Richard is now the Chair of Rochdale manufacturing Ambassadors influencing other local manufacturers to become carbon neutral by 2030.  Suppliers to Crystal Doors must show how they are reducing their carbon footprint with a questionnaire, and several suppliers have been changed due to unacceptable responses.  Consumers choices are key to meeting climate change emergency, and transparent commitment to carbon reductions and products for customers is Crystal Doors core value.

September – 2018

Three years of Carbon footprint assessments to minimize our carbon emissions has been achieved.  Next year Crystal Doors will add solar panels to the roof costing nothing, as the savings in electricity costs will offset the loan required.  By following PAS 2060, ISO 14001 and ESOS phase 2 principles, Crystal Doors has achieved a credible path to cost saving and investment over a 10 year plan to 25% of initial emissions.  Finally carbon offsetting will be introduced to ensure all manufacturing, buildings and carbon footprint assessments to scope three are carbon positive. 2019 will be a mile stone as the building will achieve EPC rating of A+.  Surplus solar energy being provided for the National Grid.  Crystal Doors is committed to planting 11,000 mix trees within Rochdale.

September – 2017

Crystal Doors manufacturers of vinyl wrapped doors in Rochdale, Manchester and is committed to Environmental Quality and Efficiency. In working towards these objectives and ISO14001 certification, the company endeavors to prevent pollution and meet or surpass all relevant Health, Safety and Environmental legislation to ensure the protection of its employees, the community at large and the environment. The company intends to set, improve and review its environmental standards on a continual basis.

In striving to carry out all its operations in an environmentally sensitive manner, the Company aims to minimize the consumption of resources; releases to the atmosphere; water consumption and waste disposal. Where practical, the Company seeks to follow good environmental practice on purchasing, energy use, transport and waste management.

The Company promotes the dissemination of good environmental practice and plays an active role in developing opportunities for more sustainable vinyl wrapped products through education, advertising and business support. The Company provides environmental training for staff and encourages partners to work to this or a similar policy. As part of this policy, the Company has set itself the following objectives and targets, reflecting the most significant environmental aspects of its operations that have been identified:

Successes of the last 24 months

  • Installation of Industry 4.0 dust extractor​  (click to read press release)
  • Achieving substantial criteria for ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • Achieving substantial criteria for ISO 18001 Occupational Health & Safety and will have the new certification of 45001 in 2018
  • Started ISO 9001 Quality Managment System and will have certification in 2018
  • Improving on our Carbon Footprint by 8% after establishing a Carbon Footprint last year
  • Sustaining and improving on our Environmental Performance Indicators.

Successes of the last 36 months

  • 100% biomass recycled with 980kw biomass burner, installation June 2015​  (click to read press release)
  • 100% cardboard recycled and sold (office waste cross shredded first)
  • 100%  plastic recycled
  • FSC and PEFC certification applied for and certified in February 2014
  • Sustaining and improving on our Environmental Performance Indicators.
  • Carbon Footprint now established including scope 1 and 2 emissions

Successes of the last 48 months

  1. Meeting the requirements for FSC and PEFC certification, now yearly assessments.
  2. Installation of 980kw biomass burner, meeting the latest Renewable Heat Incentive low emissions targets.
  3. Waste recycling is over 99%, maintained from over 99% last year. Based on weight recycled to landfill.
  4. 90% of lighting is now LED or high efficiency lighting.

Successes of the last 5 years

Meeting the requirements for FSC and PEFC certification.

  1. Using no addition heating requirements other than the 300kw burner for the factory floor.
  2. Waste recycling is over 99%, maintained from over 99% last year. Based on weight recycled to landfill.
  3. 300kw waste burner heat pipe insulated into the factory.
  4. Excess waste bio mass now sold for other bio mass burners.
  5. 50% of lighting is now LED or high efficiency lighting.
  6. Upgrading the extraction system to include Ecogate technology

Successes beyond the last 5 years

  1. Storing wood waste during summer to be converted to heat during the Winter.
  2. All our vans have trackers that are used to monitor fuel-efficient driving.
  3. Waste recycling is over 99%, maintained from 99% last year.
  4. 300kw waste burner is now integral to the factory, increasing the heat recovery efficiency.
  5. New factory roof.  A minimum 20C factory is required for quality vinyl door production.
  6. All Lighting in the factory is switched on and off with light level monitors, now being replaced with LED lights.

Crystal Doors are supported by MAS Manufacturing advisory service,    Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale,

Rochdale Development Agency (RDA),    and Hopwood College  Skills Company

Crystal Doors recognizes the growing public awareness of the environment and environmental issues. Many customers are specifically requesting certified timber. We have now committed and have made positive moves towards stocking products originating from sustainable and correctly managed forests, and in particular FSC certified products. (FSC products have their forest of origin independently inspected and evaluated according to environmental, social and economic criteria agreed by the Forest Stewardship Council AC.)

FSC (the Forest Stewardship Council_ is an international, non-profit making association whose membership includes environmental and social groups and progressive forestry and wood retail companies working in partnership to improve for FSC (the Forest Stewardship Council) is an international, non-profit making association whose membership includes environmental and social groups and progressive forestry and wood retail companies working in partnership to improve forest management world wide. Crystal Doors site has now been awarded FSC accredited certification by BM TRADA.  To check our status please click here

Crystal Doors also stock product that has been produced under the Program for the Endorsement of Certification schemes (PEFC) and the American Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). The Group aims to adopt environmental standards at least equal to legal requirements and to integrate environmental considerations into its decision making in such areas as transport, energy usage, treatment plants, waste disposal and health and safety.  To check our status please click here

Product TypeControl SystemInput CategoryPrimary ActivityMain Output Category
W12 Indoor furniture Mix CreditFSC mix creditSecondary ProcessorFSC Mix

To check our status please click here.